About us

WE are a company which has been established from the 80s , we were working in the local market in several crops , distributing our products to wholesalers, and now we took that further step in leading the market throughout exporting the best and finest herbs and seeds. Giving you all the guarantees needed to ensure that our products have the best quality in the market. Providing great quality control and highly experienced farmers working under our supervision to ensure the best products at your door step.


We are working towards being the best company in the market, to ensure the best quality for our clients and serve them in the best way we could.
Providing every thing they need , to achieve a strong relation based on their needs and the quality they are seeking for.


WE are looking forward to move fast in the global market and have lots of satisfied customers

White Beans

Availability: Throughout the year


Availability: Nov-May


Availability: Through out the year


Availability: Through out the year